Water Utility


The Water Treatment Utility Team is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the citizens of Sanger.  The water is stored and treated at various locations around the city and maintained by our team.  The quality of our drinking water is closely monitored.

The Sanger Public Works Water Division maintains approximately 44 miles of city water mains and 2,750 water meters.  Water Division employees are responsible for checking, testing, repairing/replacing water meters, reading water meters, turning water services on and off for new and departing residents, as well as turning water services off for non-payment. 

The division maintains 6 water wells, 1 purchased water site, 3 elevated storage tanks, and 5 ground storage tanks.  Staff monitors all water wells and tanks around the clock utilizing the City's supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) computerized monitoring system.

Water Quality

The City of Sanger maintains a "Superior" rating and extensively test the water to assure that the system maintains this rating.  

Water Quality Reports

The Annual Water Quality report contains important information regarding the source and quality of your drinking water and is required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to be published annually.

View past years' Annual Water Quality Reports in the Archive Center.

Water Supply

We have a water supply of about 700,000 gallons of treated water every day.  The majority of our water comes from numerous municipal water wells.  A small portion of our water is purchased from the Upper Trinity Water Utility.

Water Meters

Meter boxes should be kept accessible at all times.  City crews must be able to access the water meter at all times.  Should an emergency situation arise and a resident's water meter is not easily accessible, severe water damage could result within your home or business.  Residents should mow and weed trim around their meter boxes, and remove grass, dirt, and other debris from the top of the meter box.  Do not block the meter access with vehicles, mowers, trash, or other items.

Contact Utility Billing

Account, billing, and metering issues are handled by the Utility Customer Service Department. Email Utility Customer Service or call 940-458-7930.